Supplier Profile: AkzoNobel Products

Hall Technologies, Inc. Product Highlight: Bermocoll® M10 and Bermocoll® MT500, ELOTEX® MP2701 and ELOTEX® ST2750
Application: Polymer Modified Stone Veneer Mortars

Why Are AkzoNobel Products Different?

AkzoNobel’s Bermocoll® products are derived from wood or plant fibers and used in building products and paints. They act as thickening, stabilizing, binding, film forming, dispersing, and water retaining agents. In addition, they are protective colloids and emulsion and foam stabilizers.

ELOTEX® specialty polymers and additives are designed for the building and construction industry. They improve mortars by increasing their workability, adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates, and abrasion resistance. These specialty polymers also can reduce rigidity while improving flexibility and reduce water absorption. These ensure long-term durability.

When used in flooring and grout applications ELOTEX® products can improve water resistance, water repellency, workability, and leveling. They increase hydrophobicity and reduce efflorescence while providing stain resistance.

The incorporation of ELOTEX® specialty chemicals to a formulation can help the product attain specific requirements and assist in meeting air quality standards for indoor use such as LEED.

Application: Attaching Artificial and Natural Stones

Attaching heavy and absorptive stones to a vertical surface requires a mortar with strong adhesion and water holding properties. Adding a cellulose ether product such as Bermocoll® M10 or Bermocoll® MT500 increases the water holding property which will improve the mortar’s bonding, strength and workability. For this application AkzoNobel recommends polymers such as ELOTEX® MP2701 and ELOTEX® ST2750 to increase adhesion and sag resistance of the mortar.

Hall Technologies, Inc. is a proud distributor of AkzoNobel’s ELOTEX® and Bermocoll® product lines. We are a specialty chemical distributor and full-service technical laboratory located in St. Louis, Missouri. Our territory spans across the Midwest, Upper Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Ohio Valley.

To discuss testing one of these products in your formula, submit a technical service request by contacting Hall Technologies’ Laboratory Service Manager, Dr. Oleg Afanasyev. To request a sample and/or receive technical literature for one of these or other AkzoNobel products, fill out this form and we will be in touch very soon!

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