Specialty Polymers RayKote 2020: Corrosion Resistance for Metal Finishes


Continuous weather exposure is a concern for creating and selecting the right coating for metal finishes. Formulators and product developers work deliberately to ensure their final product meets the specifications of the end users. To meet this need, Specialty Polymers has introduced a new styrene acrylic epoxy hybrid emulsion polymer:  RayKote 2020.

RayKote 2020 provides a highly durable topcoat and high-gloss direct-to-metal finish. RayKote 2020 was designed for corrosion resistance, wet/dry adhesion, and exterior durability. It also can meet current stringent VOC regulations.

Applications for RayKote 2020

It adheres to a variety of metal substrates such as cold-rolled steel, untreated aluminum, and galvanized steel. It’s a great addition to sheet metal siding and roofing and traffic signs- all which face uninterrupted exposure to the elements.

For the average do-it-yourself homeowner RayKote 2020 added to paint could extend the life of the paint used to refurbish metal railings, lawn furniture, shelving, and even office furniture.

While this was designed for high performance uses, RayKote 2020 is not recommended for heavy-duty applications such as bridge coatings or tank farms. An alternative to Raykote 2020 is RayKote 2021. Raykote 2021 is a styrene acrylic epoxy hybrid that was specifically designed for high performance, industrial maintenance coatings.

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