RHEOBYK – New Product Family for Organic Rheology Additives

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BYK USA has grouped around 40 organic products from its wide-ranging rheology portfolio. In doing so BYK is shining the spotlight on its organic additives in order to make it much easier for customers to navigate through its extensive rheology range. These products are now named RHEOBYK.


One product, in particular, is RHEOBYK-440. This product was developed for water-based epoxides and is suitable for a variety of systems. Manufactures of protective coatings have dealt extensively with aqueous systems based on the latest epoxy resin dispersions in the last two years. These coatings are formulated with a high pigment content and are applied in higher film thicknesses so that a rheology control agent is needed to adjust coating properties like anti-sagging and anti-settling. However, since established rheology additives in the market do not provide the right efficiency, stability, or do not work in epoxy dispersions. This requires new technology.

RHEOBYK-440, a liquid polyamide-based rheology additive has been developed which offers a tailor-made solution for adjusting the rheological properties in these modern aqueous epoxy systems, while simultaneously complementing the BYK product family of liquid polyamides with a product for various other water-based systems.

Besides optimizing anti-sagging and anti-settling properties in waterborne epoxies, RHOBYK-440 is suitable for various other aqueous coatings, e.g. for achieving good effect pigment orientation.


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