Green Products

The specialty chemical industry is committed to creating environmentally-friendly, green products using renewable resources. Our supplier partners support our customers’ commitment and need for environmentally-friendly processes and results. Our green products include products that are low VOC, high solids, heavy metal-free, formaldehyde-free, water-based, solvent-free, lead-free, non-toxic, and meet green building standards (LEED credits).

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Eckart America Corporation

  • Hydroxal® brand aluminum pigments for stable waterborne coatings. Zero VOC.
  • Shinedecor® brand effect pigment dispersions for zero VOC coatings.


  • Ultra Yellow®, low oil absorption yellow iron oxide pigments for high solids formulating.
  • Natural Pigments, broad range of naturally occurring inorganic color pigments.


  • Sparmite® brand barium sulfate is a naturally occuring mineral filler that offers very low oil absorptions which aid in the formulation of low VOC waterborne or solvent borne coatings and paints.

Specialty Polymers Inc.

  • RayCryl® 708E, low VOC acrylic emulsion designed for low VOC waterborne coatings, sealers, and stains. Unique “core shell” technology provides good water resistance and hardness with low coelescent demand.
  • RayCryl® 1050, an APEO-free, formaldehyde-free, all purpose exterior 100% acrylic emulsion. It offers excellent wet adhesion and gloss, and can be formulated into low VOC coatings. This product is Green Seal compliant.
  • RayCryl® 1200, all purpose, environmentally friendly acrylic emulsion for exterior & interior coatings. Offers outstanding color & gloss retention.
  • RayCryl® 1500, high performance, environmentally friendly acrylic emulsion. Ideal for high gloss & semi-gloss trim coatings. Outstanding color & gloss retention. It can be formulated to less than 50 g/L levels.
  • RayVace® 522D, is a low-oder vinyl acrylic polymer for interior applications. It can be formulated into durable paints which meet and exceed today’s low VOC regulations.
  • RayVace® 680, is an APEO-free, formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly vinyl acrylic emulsion for interior applications. This emulsion resin can be used in high-scrub resistant enamels, satins, semi-gloss, and flat gloss formulations. This product is Green Seal compliant.

Polytrade Natural Resins 

  • Plant-based resins for use in concrete & asphalt


BYK offers many environmentally friendly additive solutions for the paints, plastics, adhesives & sealants industries. Many of the additives are free of VOC’s, formaldehyde, and APEO.  Featured additives include:

  • BYK-012VOC-free and silicone-free defoamer on polymer-basis for aqueous coatings, adhesives, and paper coatings. Particularly suitable for premium high-gloss architectural coatings.  Optimal effect despite addition of smallest amounts only.
  • BYK-023, VOC-free silicone defoamer on the basis of an emulsion for aqueous emulsion paints, printing inks, adhesives, and paper coatings. Preferred incorporation into let-down.  Easier to incorporate than BYK-022.
  • BYK-1740, “Green” defoamer based on environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials for aqueous architectural coatings as well as adhesives with excellent defoaming effect. VOC-free and biodegradable.
  • DISPERBYK 190, VOC and solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous coating systems, printing inks and adhesives. Standard additive for binder-free pigment concentrates. Suitable for all pigments.
  • DISPERBYK-2152, Emission-free, Hyperbranched Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Solvent-free Epoxy Systems & Other Reactive Systems (Conforms to the German AgBB).                                                            Used to obtain excellent pigment deflocculation and stabilization, an additive with highly effective pigment affinic groups is required. These pigment affinic groups are aminic and able to react with epoxy resin. The ideal solution would be an additive with encapsulated aminic pigment affinic groups. However, creating such an additive was not possible using existing technologies. With the introduction of DISPERBYK-2151 in 2011, BYK has developed an innovative additive which combines high effectivity with stability. The new DISPERBYK-2152 is a 100% additive based on the same active substance. Thus, the mechanism of DISPERBYK-2152 is analogous to that of DISPERBYK-2151. The additive contains no solvents or volatile components and fulfils the strict requirement of the German AgBB as well as French VOC standards


  • Excellent wetting and dispersing properties in epoxy systems and other reactive systems such as polyurethane, acrylics, and unsaturated polyesters
  • 100 % active substance
  • Fulfills the requirements of the German AgBB and French VOC regulations
  • High molecular weight
  • No negative effect on coating properties
  • Significant viscosity reduction of mineral-filled plastic and adhesive systems
  • Stabilization of various types of solid particles, especially:

– Quartz

– Aluminum oxide

– Aluminum hydroxide

– Calcium carbonate

Visit BYK’s Greenability webpage for the latest information regarding their “Green” additive offering.  

Functional Products Inc

  • CMR-1001, Environmentally friendly concrete mould release additive.
  • HF-560, Additive for biodegradable hydraulic fluid
  • PD-551, Cold-flow improver for vegetable-oil based lubricants.
  • V-510, Thickener for Fatty Oil Based Lubricants.
  • V-516, Thickener for High Oleic Vegatable Oil Based Lubricants.
  • V-570, Tackifier for Fatty Oil Based Lubricants
  • V-584, Tackifier for Fatty Oil Based Lubricants (Food Grade)
  • CMR-1001, Biobased concrete mold release agent.
  • HF-560, Fully functionalized package for biobased hydraulic fluids.

DRD Additives, LLC

  • BD 0612, Economical
  • BD 0908, High Performance

Nouryon- Colloidal Silica

  • Levasil ® CC301


Emulsifiers & Corrosion Inhibitor Additives

  • LOSMA – Sodium Sulfonate Additives, Amine-Based Corrosion Inhibitors