New Product Line: Venator’s Davis Colors™


Hall Technologies, Inc. is now an authorized distributor for Venator Pigments’ full line of building and construction-grade color pigments, Davis Colors™.

Venator is a leading manufacturer of inorganic color pigments; iron oxides (red, yellow, black, brown) raw and burnt umber, chromium oxide green, and cobalt blue. Hall Technologies, Inc and Venator (formerly Huntsman, Rockwood, Mapico, Elementis) have worked together for over 10 years. We are thrilled to represent another of their product lines to our customers!

Davis Colors™ Use and Composition

Davis Colors™ are made with pure concentrated pigments that are processed specifically for mixing into Portland cement concrete. These products give concrete an added design dimension of color. It can be used in cast-in-place concrete buildings and structures. These pigments can also be used in paving and slabs, precast and tilt-up concrete, concrete masonry units, concrete unit pavers, masonry mortar, shotcrete, plaster, and other concrete products.

Venator’s Davis Colors™ pigments are admixtures made from metal or mineral oxides that are either recycled from iron or refined from the earth. They are mostly made from iron oxide which is an abundant and environmentally safe material.

Consistency of color is important. These color pigments are manufactured to the exact quality control standards to maintain uniformity of color bag-to-bag and year-to-year. Their milling process creates a microscopic particle size so a high tinting strength is obtained.

Another unique feature of Davis Colors™ is that they are packed in Mix-Ready® disintegrating bags. They can be added to concrete directly without opening or pouring. This reduces waste of product, decreases production speed, and minimalizes cleanup time. Mix-Ready® packaging is made of special paper and adhesive which disintegrate during mixing. The release of pigment from the bag occurs deep in the mixer so it is dispersed uniformly.


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