NX-9018 is a multifunctional bio-based polyol with low viscosity (~1000 cps) and low color (Gardner < 3). This new polyol has demonstrated excellent adhesion strength to various substrates that include composites based on carbon fiber reinforced epoxy prepegs. Moreover, NX-9018 provides high tensile strength and high Tg making it a good option for structural adhesive applications. In addition to low color, NX-9018 shows excellent UV resistance and long-term color stability. This low yellowing  property is a key benefit for two-component polyurethane coatings. Polyurethane systems based on NX-9018 can be a sustainable solution for the market given the absence of solvents (VOC) and the medium bio-content level. As a result of overall properties, NX-9018 is suitable for various polyurethane applications that include adhesives, coatings and composites. NX-9018 technical data sheet and safety data sheets are available through Cardolite’s Polyols offering page.


NX-9018 joins Cardolite’s other bio-based high performance polyols and diols in their product offering. Depending on the application, Cardolite can offer specific solutions to your applications. Their portfolio includes Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL) polyol grades with low moisture sensitivity and high levels of hydrophobicity as well as excellent chemical resistance. Those properties translate into polyurethanes with excellent hydrolytic stability and durability. Other natural oil based polyols from Cardolite offer excellent wet color and UV resistance to minimize yellowing over time. Their polyols are suitable for zero and low VOC applications due to their low viscosity without the help of solvents. In their broad polyol offering various levels of reactivity from medium to fast can be selected to meet specific end-use requirements.

Additionally, Cardolite offers CNSL-based reactive diluents and also surfactants for polyurethane systems. They provide similar benefits as other CNSL materials such as hydrophobicity, flexibility and good compatibility with other ingredients. Moreover, these materials are very high in bio-content.

Cardolite also supplies isocyanate blocking agents based on CNSL technology. In addition to the performance inherited from this renewable technology, these blocking agents provide favorable deblocking conditions and better labeling than existing petro-based phenol and nonyl phenol blocking agents.

Please visit the Polyurethane Center page for more information on their complete list of product lines for polyurethane coatings, adhesives, foams and composites. If you would like to sample this material, contact Hall Technologies today!


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