Hall Technologies, Inc. Expands BYK USA Territory


Hall Technologies, Inc. now to offer BYK USA full line of products in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, and Western New York.


Specialty chemical distributor Hall Technologies, Inc. will be expanding our BYK USA distribution territory to include Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, and Western New York. With technical sales representatives and warehouse locations previously established in this area, the customer and product transition should be smooth. Additional sales and service personnel are being added to Hall Technologies’ team in order to accommodate the needs of customers in this region.

Jeff Laurent, President of Hall Technologies is “looking forward to expanding our relationship with BYK USA through this territory shift.” This region that is a hub for the industry and manufacturing; being able to offer BYK USA’s quality products is a great opportunity for both BYK USA and Hall Technologies, Inc. The relationship between these two companies began in 1964 when Hall Technologies first began representing BYK USA throughout the Midwest.

Customers New to Hall Technologies Receive Technical Laboratory Services

With this expanded territory Hall Technologies’ new customers will be introduced to the benefits of our solution-driven technical service and support laboratory. Our experienced laboratory staff assists customers in determining starting-point formulations, application and performance testing, comparative analysis, and product recommendations. This collaborative service is ideal for our customers who may not have the time or resources to evaluate new products, replacement products, or consider and evaluate potential performance enhancing product options.

New customers also benefit from being connected to complimentary and innovative products from industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers. Hall Technologies’ broad portfolio includes resins, pigments, functional fillers, and additives- focused towards the CASE market (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers).

Hall Technologies, Inc. is a distributor of specialty chemicals headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. With a technical focus, we understand our customers’ process of determining which product best fits their formulation needs. We are collaborators, partners, and leaders in specialty chemical distribution who strive to meet the demanding needs of the next generation of industry chemists and lab technicians.

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