Hall Technologies, Inc. Applications Testing

At Hall Technologies, Inc. our technical applications laboratory sets the foundation for many of our customer and supplier relationships. Helping our customers find solutions to their formulation needs is our goal.

It takes time to test and develop and improve formulas. Simply adding a new additive or resin will not assure success. There are tests involving measuring performance, durability, etc. These are tasks that can take valuable resources away from production and other formulation needs.

This is where our applications laboratory manager, Dr. Afanasyev steps in to assist to determine starting-point formulations, application and performance testing, comparative analysis, and product recommendations. Our capabilities include ASTM and ISO Chemical Testing. (For the full list, check out our laboratory page!)

A Behind the Scenes Look: Technical Applications Laboratory

Want to catch a glimpse of our laboratory managerĀ Oleg Afanasyev hard at work? We put together this video representing a typical day in our applications laboratory.



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