Partnership with University City High School


Hall Technologies, Inc. believes that investing in the future of the specialty chemical industry begins in the classroom. When educational opportunities are provided, communities can be strengthened. It is our goal to support the next generation of chemists through local partnerships.

Last fall Hall Technologies, Inc. approached the University City High School Science Department to offer our partnership and support. Members of Hall Technologies’ leadership team met with chemistry instructor Tonya Barnes, and head of the science department, Sherry Wibben, to identify how we could be an asset.

Ms. Barnes’ motivation and passion to connect chemistry curriculum to her students was contagious. We knew after just one visit that a partnership could lead to something special!

New Ways to Learn

University City High School Science Department was able to purchase probes, atom building games, orbital models, and a new dishwasher from Hall Technologies’ contributions. These probes measure pressure, temperature, pH levels, voltage, and conductivity. This data is collected electronically and uploaded directly to the students’ Chromebooks for the students to interpret. This more accurate way of measuring allows for real-time observation as the experiments are taking place. Orbital models and the atom building game allow for a hands-on approach to learning about the very building blocks of chemistry.


Ms. Barnes’ goal is to create a classroom environment that is focused on experimental design. This approach is “important and highly effective” says Ms. Barnes, “If you have the tools to do this.” She also hopes to incorporate more group work and collaboration. This will provide a very practical application for her students as they continually prepare to enter the workforce.

We hope to continue our partnership with University City High School in the years to come. Ignited by the desire to inspire future generations of chemists, we want to provide opportunities for practical science experience.

Hall Technologies, Inc. is a specialty chemical distributor that is dedicated to building up its community. With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, we serve the Midwest, Upper Midwest, Ohio Valley, South, Southeast, and Southwest.

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