Formulations: Levasil CC301


Nouryon’s Levasil CC301 is a neutral, aqueous dispersion of colloidal silica that is approximately 28% solids by weight. The silica dispersion is sterically stabilized and the amorphous silica particles carry a negative surface charge. The silica particles in Levasil CC301are discrete, have a smooth, spherical shape, and are present in a narrow particle size distribution. The particles have also been surface modified with an epoxy silane. “Hydroxyl number” for 2-pack systems; 0.45 mole OH/kg product. The physical appearance of the dispersion is a clear liquid, slightly more viscous than water. Nouryon‘s Levasil CC301 is produced for worldwide distribution.

Levasil CC301’s special colloidal silicas enhance a number of important properties in cleaners for different surfaces like secondary cleaning properties such as hydrophilicity and soil removal as well as prevent re-soiling of substrates. In this video, Dr. Afanasyev demonstrates how silica particles make the surface more hydrophilic. Colloidal silica does not have a cleaning effect like other surfactants (e.g. soap) but it has a secondary cleaning effect.

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