Education and Connection in the Specialty Chemical Industry

Collaboration between distributor, supplier, and customer is essential for developments in the specialty chemical industry. Our suppliers need to know what roadblocks customers face in their formulations while customers need to be aware of new product releases that might help them overcome these obstacles.

How Hall Tech Bridges the Gap

Hall Technologies, Inc. plays a vital role in this collaboration. We take pride in connecting our customers to our suppliers. Our Technical Sales Representatives invite our suppliers to accompany them on their calls so they are able to meet customers directly, face-to-face. Customers’ questions get answered more directly and suppliers can promote new products and industry advancements.

However, with a wide customer base, it is difficult to for leading suppliers to get a chance to meet with each of our customers. There just isn’t enough time.

Hall Technologies, Inc. recognizes the benefits of the customer-supplier relationship and decided to be a part of the answer: facilitating a supplier-lead educational event.

Altana Supplier Expo

In the fall of 2017 Hall Technologies, Inc. held its first supplier expo with BYK USA and ECKART America- divisions of Altana presenting. We welcomed formulators and chemists from our paint and coating industry customers to our St. Louis headquarters and laboratory. Our customers learned about new products for industrial coatings, metallic and pearlescent effect pigments, testing equipment, waterborne formulations, and new additives for VOC compliant coatings.

Mark Loudenslager, Vice President at Hall Technologies, stated that the company received “positive feedback from the customers that attended.”

With future plans to expand our chemical testing laboratory, Hall Technologies will have even more opportunities for hands-on training and demonstrations.

Hall Technologies, Inc. is a specialty chemical distributor for the Midwest, Upper Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Ohio Valley. We represent responsible, global suppliers in a competitive and dynamic industry.

If you would like to learn more about future specialty chemical educational offerings or have a suggestion for a training topic, please complete our contact form today.

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