ECKART America – LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red


ECKART’s incredibly strong, three-dimensional depth effect and this surprisingly flashing, intense red: these are the unique features of the new LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red that immediately catch the eye when viewed. Compared to competitive products, this pearlescent pigment offers more than twice the sparkle intensity. A small amount of this color-strong pigment is enough to bring even simple base colors to an optical high gloss.

These high-quality effect pigments based on borosilicate glass impress with their expressive red reflections in coatings, plastics, and print applications. The incident light acts like a spotlight and brings the color-strong sparkle of LUXAN C842 owes this spotlight effect to a high-performance coating technology- and thus promises completely new styling possibilities. Just a small amount of is sufficient to provide base shades with sophisticated reflections and fascinating color interaction.

Application Properties of LUXAN C842

The pigment can be easily incorporated into all waterborne, solvent borne and UV-based systems and is suitable for pneumatic, electrostatic and coil application. LUXAN C842 has high chemical and shear stability. It does not affect EMI shielding and radar damping applications in any way.

For outdoor applications and vehicle coatings, the CFX version is recommended: LUXAN CFX C842 provides excellent weather and condensation resistance as well as strong intercoat adhesion.

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