DURA Launches DriCAT CV 120


DURA Chemicals Inc. announces the launch of DriCAT CV 120 for the Paint and Coatings Industry in North America. DriCAT CV120 offers improved performance and regulatory advantages over competitive drier technology. Utilizing DURA’s patented activated technology, DriCAT CV120 is a 1:1 Cobalt 12% replacement in conventional oxidative cure coatings. The DriCAT CV120 addresses the growing environmental concerns of Cobalt. It falls below the threshold of EU carcinogen and reprotoxic labeling requirements while providing a whiter film that yellows less when compared to conventional Cobalt driers. “In extensive side by side testing, CV 120 has proven to be equivalent to Cobalt with significant less yellowing than Cobalt,” Juan Jarufe, Global Technical Director at Dura Chemicals, said.

DURA Chemicals

DURA Chemicals is a global manufacturer and supplier of Metal-Organics, Odor Elimination additives, and specialty latex polymers, operating from USA, Europe, and Asia and offering market-driven solutions to many industries including paints and coatings, printing inks, unsaturated polyester, and polyurethanes. DURA continues to develop innovative products such as our Cobalt-free driers, odor elimination additives, and specialty polymers for both water and solvent-based coatings. They also offer the ability to develop and provide bespoke products specifically for customer applications.


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