BYK-329: Silicone-containing Surface Additive for Improving the Leveling Properties and Defoaming of Solvent-free and Solvent-borne Systems

High build systems, and solvent-free systems require efficient additives. These additives not only level the surface smoothly to give it an attractive appearance, but also guarantee good defoaming during application and in the final product.

BYK-329 is a newly developed surface additive that combines good defoaming properties with excellent leveling. Examples include self-leveling floor coatings, particularly those based on epoxy resin, as well as rolled polyaspartic topcoats and general industrial coatings. The additive contains a 100 % active substance and is highly effective even at a low dosage. This makes it easy to incorporate into the relevant system.

Reasons for Product Development

In many cases, surface defects occur during and after the application of a floor coating. They often impact the final appearance and protective functions. Typical surface defects are poor substrate wetting, crater tendency, the formation of Benard cells, flooding and floating effects, and trowel marks. An essential parameter is the difference in surface tension of each material, which is involved.

Reduction of the surface tension improves substrate wetting and anti-cratering additives. Improving the smoothness makes the surface easier to clean and less sensitive to scratches. When combined with additional additives and optimization of the dosage level to achieve the final finish.

Major Application Fields

Pigmented, self-leveling formulations and pigmented roller applied top coats. BYK-329 demonstrates excellent leveling properties, especially in epoxy systems. It also displays highly effective defoaming properties, even in high-build systems. As 100% active substance, it is useable in a solvent-free system. Since only a small quality is needed, it is an economical purchase and easy to incorporate.

BYK-329 is highly recommended for floor and general industrial coatings. It is also recommended in automotive coatings.

Hall Technologies, Inc. is an authorized distributor for BYK USA. Our Technical Sales Team and Laboratory can assist customers in improving their formulation using additives like BYK-329. To see how this product can work for you, contact us today!


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